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How to Pack a Bedroom for Moving

Ensure a safe ULoad™ move of your bedroom space with these Dos and Donts.

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Do use wardrobe boxes.

Do use suitcases and garment bags.

Do pack items you wear less frequently first.

Don’t pack valuables like jewelry in long distance moves.

Bedding & Linens

Do remove all bed linens from your bed before packing it.

Do fold all bedding and linens into large plastic bags.

Don’t use nice bedding, linens, or towels to protect your other furniture. Use miscellaneous pieces that you don't mind getting dirty.

Bedframe & Headboards

Do remove all external parts and disassemble. Save hardware in a sealable plastic bag.

Do wrap with blankets secured with tape and then wrap in plastic wrap.


Do wrap mattresses and boxsprings in plastic or mattress bags to prevent mold and insects.

Do use rope or straps to secure inside your ULoad™ trailer.

Don’t stack boxes on top of your mattress or drag your mattress on the floor.


Do use acid-free tissue paper to protect the surface and follow with a layer of plastic stretch wrap.

Do brace corners with small pieces of cardboard and bubble wrap.

Do pack artwork in picture boxes.

Here at ULoad™, we aim to help you with your move, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the use of information obtained from this page.

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