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How to Load the ULoad™ Moving Trailer

Whether you’ve never moved before or you’re a seasoned mover, the tips below should
help you move and load your ULoad™ just like a pro.

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Do load boxes in first by stacking and building a wall closest to the cab.

Do stack heavier boxes on the bottom of the wall.

Do stack fragile or lighter items on top.

Don't stack anything that is not a box on this first layer of boxes.


Do lay down a floor cover to protect your soft cargo like sofas and mattresses.

Do rest mattresses vertically and place glass or flatscreens in between for added protection.

Do brace mattress layer with straps or other sturdy furniture.

Do load sofas, chairs, and loveseats vertically. Remove feet or make sure they point out towards the trailer walls.

Do use pillows and blankets to fill in empty spaces.

Do load furniture like dressers, cabinets, and bookcases and cover with moving blankets.

Don't leave anything freestanding. Secure with straps, rope, or brace with already secured furniture.


Do load large appliances in next.

Do load wardrobe boxes and clothing.

Do make sure everything in the trailer is secured.

Do set up the moving partition wall. For detailed instructions, learn from our How to Install a ULoad™ Trailer Partition for Moving page.

Don't store your loading ramp behind the partition.

Here at ULoad™, we aim to help you with your move, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the use of information obtained from this page.

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