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Packing Materials Checklist for Moving

Decide what you need—and what you don’t—for a successful ULoad™ move with the checklist below.

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Small (1.5ft3) boxes are ideal for packing heavy items, small electronics, books, and tools.

Medium (3-4.5ft3) boxes are perfect for just about anything.

Large (6ft3) boxes work great for oversized and lightweight items.

Dish Barrels are great for keeping rows of plates bundled with minimal risk of breakage. Use lots of packing paper to prevent shifting.

Wardrobe Boxes are the best tool for packing your wardrobe. You’ll never need to take your wardrobe off hangers with a wardrobe box.

Plastic Containers are used instead of cardboard boxes for storage at your new home and for easier transport.

Bubble Wrap is for protecting breakables, reinforcing corners of furniture, and padding just about anything fragile that you’re planning on moving.

Packing paper is for stuffing boxes and keeping the shape of items, covering delicate surfaces, and providing a breathable barrier from dust between your items.

Packing peanuts are great for filling boxes and providing a total barrier around fragile items. Compacting packing peanuts inside of a moving box is the best way to both protect and prevent shifting.

Linens/towels/pillows help to cover large furniture, flatscreens, protect dishes and cookware, electronics, and for providing boxes with extra material to prevent movement inside during a move.

Markers/labels benefit both loading your moving trailer and unpacking. Visibility of what’s inside each box is helpful for organization and streamlining your move.

Packing tape is the best option for moving because it is pressure sensitive—the tighter the tension, the more secure the bond. Masking tape is suitable for use on items that you want to protect from adhesive residue but lacks the strength and security of packing tape.

Plastic wrap can be an invaluable tool when packing your home. Its uses vary between everything from wrapping large furniture to bundling small items together.

Sealable plastic bags keep moving hardware together when disassembling furniture and also, work well for storing jewelry and bathroom items.

Plastic bags are ideal for protecting linens, towels, clothing.

Garbage bags provide a great covering for last minute items that require no packing like standalone items, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, and other larger items that do not need to be packed with cushioning.

Suitcases and luggage are the ideal way to pack your folded clothing for the move. Skip on packing clothing in boxes when you can use sturdy and sealable garment bags and suitcases.

Here at ULoad™, we aim to help you with your move, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the use of information obtained from this page.

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