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Packing Tips and Tricks for Moving

Not sure where to start? After reading this list of our best Dos and Don’ts, you’ll be an
expert on packing your home for the big move.

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Box Size

Do choose the exact box size for items when packing. Look for a perfect fit—the contents will be safer during your move.

Do pack books, media, and heavy tools in small boxes.

Do pack pots, pans, kitchen appliances, toys, and electronic gadgets in medium boxes.

Do pack stuffed toys, blankets, pillows, and other oversized yet lightweight items in large boxes.

Don’t pack heavy items in oversized boxes OR overfill small boxes. Boxes should close completely to make stacking easier.

Pack Room by Room

Do stay organized during your move by completely packing one room, and then move onto the next.

Do pack all items you don’t use daily or regularly first.

Do keep similar items together.

Don’t mix items between rooms (ex. kitchen with bedroom items, or clothing with bathroom items).

How to Pack a Box

Do pack heavier items on the bottom of the box. Wrapping these items in bubble wrap will cushion the rest of the box’s contents.

Do group items by size and weight.

Do cushion the box with packing material to prevent shifting (ex. packing peanuts, paper, towels)

Do weigh your box to make sure that you can lift it with ease.

Don’t leave empty spaces in your box.


Do label each box accurately and in detail to make loading and unpacking much easier.

Do label by color or number. Keep a log so that you can identify each box and what’s inside.

Do make an essentials box containing all items you’ll need first when moving into your new place.

Don’t use already labeled boxes as this can be confusing when it’s time to unpack. If you have to, make sure that all previous markings are crossed off and new labels can be read easily.

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