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How to Pack a Wardrobe

Figuring out what to pack for your move and what to wear during your move can be pretty tricky,
but these helpful tips should simplify the process.

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Do remove clothing from all drawers and cabinets.

Do wash all clothing before packing.

Do use suitcases and luggage instead of boxes.

Do pack closet hanging items in wardrobe boxes to prevent wrinkled clothing and save time on packing.


Do use garment bags.

Do use wardrobe boxes.

Do pack seasonal items together—separate winter from summer.

Don't fold in these items in traditional moving boxes.


Do keep valuables with you instead of loading in your moving trailer.

Do use drinking straws to separate necklace and bracelet chains. Simply thread through the straw and tape the end of the chain to the side of the straw.

Do use rubber bands, sealable plastic bags, or plastic wrap to keep your jewelry together.

Do use pill boxes to organize earrings and rings.

Don't store jewelry loose in a drawer or jewelry box during the move. If you plan on using a jewelry box, make sure the lid and drawers are sealed by wrapping the entire box in plastic wrap.


Do pack shoes in pairs and bundle several together using plastic wrap or packing paper.

Do use crumpled packing paper to keep the shape of boots and soft shoes.

Do use shoe boxes if you have them.

Don't pack wet or dirty shoes.

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