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How to Save on Moving Costs

By choosing ULoad™ for your move, you’re already saving big.
Our affordable moving options save you more than most other companies.
But, these moving tricks below should save you even more on your move.

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Plastic Containers

Invest in plastic containers for your move. You’ll be able to store and move much easier with reusable containers.

Used Boxes

Try searching craigslist, asking friends, bookstores, grocery stores, liquor stores, and local business for free boxes.

Garbage Bags/Plastic Bags

Some items don’t need to be boxed like linens, towels, clothing, pillows, etc. Use plastic or heavy duty, well-sealed garbage bags to store these items for your move.

Suitcases/Tote Bags

Using materials you already have, like suitcases, luggage, and tote bags, for clothing will help eliminate use of excess boxes.


After removing drawers from your dresser, use them to move lightweight items. Use plastic wrap to seal the contents and protect the drawer during the move.

Towels & Linens

Ditch bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and wrapping paper. Wrap in towels, linens, and shredded paper from your document shredder to save on material costs.

Bargain Stores

Check out the inventory at your local dollar or bargain store. Pay less for packing tape, labels, and markers by stopping here first.

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