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How to Pack Large Furniture for Moving

Sofas, cabinets, and credenzas, oh my! Don’t worry—learn how to pack everything oversized in this easy list.

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What You’ll Need

  • - Packing tape
  • - Bubble wrap
  • - Sealable plastic bags
  • - Covers or tarps
  • - Plastic stretch wrap
  • - Corrugated cardboard sheets


Do remove drawers or shelves.

Do brace corners with small pieces of cardboard.

Do wrap individual pieces in bubble wrap.

Don’t pack fully assembled furniture if you can help it! Disassemble furniture as much as possible. Use sealable plastic bags for storing hardware.


Do wrap sofas or loveseats in a base layer of plastic stretch wrap.

Do use pads, linens, or blankets to cover areas of the furniture that may experience stress.

Do completely cover sofa or loveseat in another entire layer of plastic stretch wrap.

Don't leave legs, feet, or other external parts attached. Remove and store separately.


Do use acid-free tissue paper to protect the surface.

Do brace corners with small pieces of cardboard and bubble wrap.

Do completely cover in plastic stretch wrap.

Don’t lay flat. Load artwork upright into your ULoad™ as the canvas or glass may be damaged.


Do lock the spinet/chords and keyboard lid, if you have one.

Do wrap the entire piano in blankets or thicker fabric.

Do secure blanket cover with packing tape.

Do completely cover in plastic stretch wrap.

Don't lift without a hand truck or plenty of helping hands.

Here at ULoad™, we aim to help you with your move, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the use of information obtained from this page.

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