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How to Pack Electronics for Moving

Wanna know how to pack that flatscreen for your move? What about your computer? You’re in the right place.

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Flatscreens and TVs

Do pack your flatscreen in its original box. If you no longer have it, try finding a box that’s similar in size.

Do wrap the flatscreen in a soft fabric and seal it off with tape to prevent scratches and damages to the screen.

Do place the flatscreen in between soft items when moving, like between two mattresses or bags of linens and clothing.

Don’t stack items on top of your flatscreen or lay it flat.


Do backup your data on a hard drive.

Do unplug and organize cables to store separately.

Do wrap with soft fabric or bubble wrap and seal it off with tape.

Don't leave circuits exposed or vulnerable plastic pieces unprotected.

Small Electronics

Do remove attachments, adapters, batteries, and cords (if removable) to wrap separately.

Do pack in small to medium moving boxes for lifting and moving with ease.

Do wrap electronics in paper and bubble wrap.

Don’t store with liquids or rough objects that could damage the circuitry or casing.

Stereo Equipment

Do use the original packaging and box. If you no longer have this, use a similarly sized box.

Do organize all wires and cables.

Do cover all connection ports and speakers with bubble wrap or plastic.

Do wrap speakers and stereo unit completely in bubble wrap.

Don't stack items on top of your stereo equipment boxes.

Kitchen Electronics

Do use medium size boxes or original boxes.

Do carefully wrap up cords and remove all accessories for storing.

Do use towels or bubble wrap to protect fragile glass, plastic, or mechanical pieces.


Do clean and defrost your freezer and refrigerator compartments before moving.

Do remove all shelves and drawers.

Do wrap the refrigerator in blankets and secure with packing tape.

Do use a refrigerator dolly with straps.

Don't turn your refrigerator on immediately after moving into your new home as coolant fluids or gas need about 3-4 hours to settle.


Do run a rinse cycle on your washer and let it dry completely before moving.

Do shut off cold and hot water valves before removing the hose.

Do remove extensions and parts from device.

Do use a moving dolly.

Don't use plastic wrap or a tarp to cover devices (blankets or sheets work well) as this will prevent airflow and cause blocking in vents.

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